“At Last! The Code Has Been Cracked (and smoked) for Regular People (and puppies) Who Just Want to Make an Honest Living Online and Stop Working for Someone Else!”

Introducing an Exclusive Mentor(-space)ship Alliance Built to Take Your
Online Business from Zero to 60 FAST, No Matter What Level of
Expertise You Are At!


From: InfoProductInsider.com (not really)

Dear Friend and Unfriended Facebook Peeps:

Ever feel like you missed the boat when it comes to making money online? That the Internet “Gold Rush” has passed you by, along with your shot at making some serious bank? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Making money online can be child’s play…IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

I’d like to share with you some of the expertise I’ve accrued over 8+ years as an Internet marketer about building a rock solid Internet business. Boy do I wish I had this information A LOT EARLIER. The good news for you is, you can get it TODAY!

Become an Exclusive Member of the “Info Product Insider
Coaching Club” at Zero Cost to You

warrior-forum-wsoThe “ Info Product Insider Coaching Club” is a mentorship alliance that’s a total brain dump of all the information I’ve gathered over my trials and errors online. And I want you to join for free.

Listen, I know the word “free” gets tossed around a lot. But guess what? There’s just no other word that covers it. Because joining IS free. More about that in a minute…

THIS IS SERIOUSLY A BORING SALES LETTER. But check out the sweet dog pic!

Meanwhile, what do you get?

¨ Step-by-step instruction on how you can broker information online so you get paid for passing down information people are already looking for anyway! There’s a built-in market.

¨ Learn how to effectively leverage other people’s lists to help you sell your own products.

¨ Become a networking machine, both online and offline.

¨ Build a wealth of Internet marketing knowledge and your own resource library using our swipe files.

¨ Crack the code to the elusive pay-per-click game.

¨ Learn how blogging can help boost your rank in the search engines.

¨ Discover the insider secrets to testing and tracking from some of the best marketers in the business!

¨ And so much more!

You don’t have to wade through the Internet jungle on your own and waste hours upon hours that add up to lost months of time! I didn’t have a choice. There was no path created when I started out. You don’t have to throw away chunks of your life to learn how to do this! By becoming a member, you’ll get an education that arguably rivals a marketing degree from a top accredited university! This is real world stuff that makes you real world money.

The truth is being alive today is like living through a modern day California Gold Rush. Only today’s “gold rush” is information on the Internet. Just like the old days of the Gold Rush, today people make their fortunes when they’re shown exactly what process to follow. I’ve got the shovel and I know where to dig!

As an exclusive member to “The Info Product Insider Coaching Club” here’s what else you get…

¨ A private membership site with an online forum to discuss your personal business issues as well as to benefit from the wisdom of past posts

¨ Instant downloads of materials to help create Info Products

¨ Training audios and videos to speed up your learning curve

¨ Case studies to see specifics of what worked for others…and what DIDN’T work!

¨ Interviews/Podcasts/Vlogs/Q and A’s and more with some of the top marketers in the game

¨ Breakdown “how to” classes that take the mystery out of creating infoproducts, marketing, copywriting, testing/tracking, increasing conversion and much more!

¨ Special savings on Internet offers you won’t find anywhere else

¨ And more…

There’s no getting around it. You get A LOT when you join my club. But wait!

“I can’t believe you read this far”

Let’s Back Up a Minute…Why Should You Listen to ME?

Please allow me to get a little philosophical for a moment. I have no idea what you want out of life. What your dreams are. Or even more importantly, what your fears are. But I do know mine.

See, I want to provide a good living for my family…and I’m afraid I won’t be able to. That is both my biggest dream AND my biggest fear. How about you? Are yours similar?

Through the years, I’ve seen a lot of things work and even more fail. Here’s what I did and what you can do too. (You might want to copy this down and put it in a safe place.)

Watch the ones that work and emulate the people behind them.
Watch the ones that bomb and learn what they did so you can avoid the same mistakes.

It’s really that simple.

All this experience has resulted in me knowing how to make money online in stealth-like fashion that’s so straightforward and so quick it truly blows my mind more people aren’t doing it!
So, how do YOU get started?

Here Comes the BIG SECRET…

This is it… You can make a lot of money online by venturing into virgin territory. Going where no one else has gone before. Makes sense, right? It did to me too. Funny thing is people tend to get tunnel vision when they think about selling online. They mistakenly think the only way to make money that way is to sell other people products about how to make money online.

But they’re dead wrong.

I don’t know who gets credit for this, but somebody once said, “Be where they ain’t.” That’s exactly the strategy I use to bump up my own income. And it’s the strategy I want to show you to make money online too.

I can’t take credit for it. I learned it from the Internet marketers who are already earning strictly from online businesses.

In fact, the truth is the majority of the so called gurus and experts are not selling Internet marketing products at all. I’m talking about men and women considered to be some of the TOP Internet Marketers. Instead, they quietly create small websites selling infoproducts and services in NICHE AREAS that meet a certain set of criteria.
There’s a Fortune to Be Made Selling Infoproducts that Are NOT Internet-Related!

Why haven’t you heard about this before? Because THEY don’t want you to. The most successful Internet marketers keep their secrets close to the vest. Why? Because as soon as everyone starts figuring it out, the goldmine of the best niche markets will all be gobbled up. So they share this information sparingly to only people they know well and trust. I learned from them to do the same.

You’ve got to be smarter than the average Internet marketing wannabe. Go where they don’t expect you! That’s the name of the game. And that’s the strategy that’s got me where I am today (along with a handful of other smart Internet Marketers).

What Does All This Mean to You?

I can teach a select group of serious contenders on “how to do it”.

It’s really all up to you. Whether you work full time, part time or not at all, you can do this!

My online business is very different from my offline business. The Internet niche sites:

· Have very few customer service hassles because it’s practically an automated system (if something goes wrong, of course I’m right there to help – but seldom does anything go wrong)

· Can be cloned infinitely for new sources of passive income once you get the easy steps down

· Potentially generate a income month after month, whether you’re on vacation or building NEW sites!

· Fill a useful need for people looking for very specific information

· Are like playing a board game – mentally stimulating AND financially rewarding. Figuring out what market is viable and which moves to play first is nothing short of playing a real life chess game with REAL MONEY!!

Many of the concepts I’ve learned have ONLY been shared in closed door sessions or by private phone consultations. You won’t find them in a textbook. These geniuses are protective of their ideas to the general population, but share them freely with their inner circle.

And THAT’S exactly what I want to do for you too – invite you to have a front row seat in the game. You can play too and I’ll be right there to show you how.


The Info Product Insider Coaching Club:
A Mentorship Alliance Solely Dedicated to Creating and Maintaining Money-Making Niche Websites

If you want to receive group training and live mentoring from someone who’s making money online then I want you in this program.

You need to join “The Infoproduct Insider Coaching Club” today.
I’m committed to mentoring you and a small group of other “go-getters” every month. I won’t hold anything back. In “The Infoproduct Insider Coaching Club” you’ll learn everything I know about creating and running Internet businesses…and the mini niche sites that take almost no time at all to create!

I’m intentionally keeping membership to this exclusive club very limited. I think you’ll agree that a small group size helps ensure everyone gets the personal, quality instruction they deserve.

internet-marketing-blogHere’s What You Get with Your Exclusive Membership…

Part 1:One-on-One Time with You to Get You Up to Speed on Developing Specialized Niche Sites to Hungry Audiences!

When you become a member of “The Infoproduct Insider Coaching Club”, I’ll open up my private contact lines and answer your personal questions with you privately. In these mini one-on-one consulting sessions, I’ll answer any question you have about fine-tuning your underachiever sites (or do my best to find out the solution).

Creating mini niche sites is not only fun but very profitable, and I want you to succeed as well. Be prepared, the wrong niche and pay-per click costs can get expensive…I can help you before you make those costly mistakes.

You may not see my name in the guru spotlight, but that’s by design. I’ll be giving you tons of ideas and feedback to help build your business. These sessions go a long, long way.

Part 2: Live and Recorded Calls/Videos/Podcasts and more every month to help get your Mini-Niche sites up, running AND making money!

In theses, you’ll get extremely detailed insider information about Internet Marketing and building successful infoproduct businesses when you join “The Info Product Insider Coaching Club”.

They’ll be invaluable to your business – each one delivering the hard hitting real-world information you’ve been looking for to start seeing some serious results on creating infoproducts for your Internet Business.

Please understand: There’ll be nothing but nitty-gritty useable information here. No fluff or filler…just straight to the point, rock-solid tips from someone who knows the ropes and has already been there. And unlike many of the gurus who go to high priced seminars to pitch a product, I learned from the ground up. And I’ll share that information with you!

These Live and Recorded Calls/Videos/Podcasts and more deal with very specific topics every time. I’ll be spilling my guts yo you…letting you in on every single thing I know about launching Niche Internet businesses and more…even if you’re starting from scratch.

And to top it off, I’ll be inviting guests in Internet marketing and infoproduct creation to help you as well.

Part 3:”Underachieving Site” Case Studies to Review Each Month

As an added benefit of “The Infoproduct Insider Coaching Club” , we’ll review actual “Underachieving Sites in Action” so you’ll learn to really understand every detailed aspect about the most important skill an Internet marketer has -a web site that SELLS.

We’ll test and track different marketing strategies to see what’s working…and what’s not…so you can apply it to your own site without wasting a lot of cash on your own!

If you’re like me, it helps to learn to seeing actual numbers, such as how much the site converts (i.e. brings in sales), using different software programs, etc. This is a great way to really accelerate your progress.

I’ll go over SPECIFIC DETAILS on my sites (the good, the bad, and sometimes UGLY!). If you’re tired of the “so called gurus” saying you can make money online but talk in hyperbole and gloss over the facts, I think you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise as a member of my coaching club!

Part 4: A Think Tank Private Access Membership Site for both the Novice and Advanced Internet Marketer in Creating Your Own Infoproducts!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being an Internet Marketer for so long, it’s this:

Things change on the Internet dramatically in what seems like the blink of an eye.

What works today could very well be obsolete tomorrow.

That’s why in “The Infoproduct Insider Coaching Club” I’m dedicated to putting up a resource area that makes it really easy for you to learn to create niche and infoproducts, no matter where you are in the game today. Along with the private forum so you can share in an environment where everybody can profit!

As a member of this my mentorship program, you’ll learn:

¨ Exactly how to create products for a preexisting market hungry for fast information

¨ Step by step what it takes to build a simple web site that fits the bill

¨ Where I place my ads to strategically draw in the right customers

¨ Just what to say to heighten their interest

¨ Where to find the pulse of the HOTTEST markets

¨ How to dissect live Micro-Niche (aka Underachiever) Sites by example using Case Studies

¨ Insider tips to testing and tracking your ads so you don’t waste a ton of money guessing – see firsthand what works…and what doesn’t!

¨ How my hard-earned Internet marketing lessons can save you a ton of money as we tactically lay out business solutions on monthly call-in days (just YOU and ME discussing YOUR strategy)

¨ And much, much more!
By now you can tell I’m pretty jazzed about “The Infoproduct Insider Coaching Club”. Here’s why…

If I could go back in time and make a checklist of all the things I would have needed to learn, it would be THIS PROGRAM.I’m giving you the information I wish I’d had when I started. Instead, I’ve had to learn the hard way. If I’d known THEN what I know NOW, I would have saved years of hard work and hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars.

Look at it this way. A basic four year undergraduate degree costs anywhere from $52,000 to $112,000. (The costs continue to rise at two times the rate of inflation). And the news gets worse. Once you get your hard-earned degree, you’ll start at the rock-bottom entry level of whatever field you chose, barely making enough to get by; working your butt off to make somebody else’s dreams come true. I DON’T recommend it.

Still, even if you wanted to, you can’t get this education from any university. Not at ANY price. Fortunately going to college isn’t the only way to supplement your income nowadays. And I’m not charging anywhere near a hundred grand plus for your education like a college would.

In fact, for probably less than it costs you to fill up your gas tank for a month, you can join “The Infoproduct Insider Coaching Club”.

You can get this life-changing education on an ongoing basis from me personally. I want to keep this mentorship affordable so I can help the people who want it most. (Now that I think about it, you’ll even be saving on gas since you don’t need a car to get to your computer. That makes this program even easier on your wallet!)

But once “The Infoproduct Insider Coaching Club” fills up, I’ll be forced to raise the price for the next group (IF I even decide to have another group). Sorry but it just wouldn’t be fair to do it any other way.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a pushy guy. And I don’t want you to feel pressured in any way. But the fact is – space is filling fast and I don’t want you to miss out!
How many times would you trade in $1 to get $10 back in return?

As often as you could, right? How about $10 for $100? You see where I’m going with this. I’m talking about a miniscule investment with an enormous return.

Once membership to “The Infoproduct Insider Coaching Club” is full, your window of opportunity slams shut. I’m sure you see the value in this kind of mentoring for yourself to give you just the kick in the pants you really need to get your business going. It couldn’t be less of a no-brainer than if I came to your house everyday and handed you a blank check.

But Wait! There Is a Tiny “Catch”

It’s quite simple, really.

The catch is that I won’t accept just anyone.

Life is just too short to be involved in dealings (business or otherwise) that don’t give you the kind of return on investment you’ve been led to believe you’re getting.

There are some very serious conditions that you must agree to in order to qualify to be a member.

1. By agreeing to be a part of this mentorship, you are agreeing to not publish my secret tips, tricks, and techniques in any product of any kind.I don’t mean to sound so harsh and legal about this, but the secrets I’ll be teaching you are very dear to me and very powerful…and I want to make extra sure that I’m entrusting them to the “right people”. If you think you’ll be tempted to break this part of the agreement, please do us both a favor and don’t bother applying.
2. If you’re a “get rich quick” junkie with a shelf full of unused how-to courses then this is definitely not for you. Part of the gratification I personally get out of this program is watching people succeed. It may sound hokey to you, but that’s truly how I am. And I won’t have you robbing someone else of a spot who will actually do the work.

3. How good are you at following directions? If you suck at it, please don’t attempt to sign up. I don’t want your money if you won’t follow a guide. (Because you’ll be frustrated. Which in the end will make me frustrated. If you aren’t getting the results you bargained for, then I feel like a fake. And I know I’m not.)

If you passed these criteria and you’re a decisive person, CONGRATULATIONS!
P.S. Maybe you’ve been “getting ready to get going” with some kind of Internet business but you haven’t been able to actually get going yet — maybe you feel overwhelmed by all the details of “getting started,” you understand everything conceptually, but need the nitty-gritty blanks filled in.

You can use my experience as a”shortcut”, save yourself months (if not years) of frustrating mistakes, and get on the fast track to creating the niche Internet empire you’ve always pictured in your mind.

And you don’t have to be a “heavy hitter” or understand a bunch of technical computer mumbo-jumbo to work one on one with me. In fact, you don’t have to have ANY of the following:

1.You do NOT have to have to be a great writer.

2.You do NOT have to have a product to buy and drop-ship.

3.You do NOT have to have an email list.

4.You do NOT have to know “jack” about computers or any techie stuff.

5.You do NOT have to have to be an expert web designer or copywriter.


I can’t believe some dude wrote this and thought it was gonna sell something!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA