Clixplit Clixsplit WordPress Plugin Review

click-split-plugin-reviewFINAL UPDATE!!! Clixplit Review


Ok, so here is the first update. The actual Clixplit WordPress Plugin launches on November 7th at 11am Eastern time. The product is being brought to you by Travis Morgan of EpicWin Labs and the Wonkasoft Team.

The plugin is designed to increase web visitor clicks by a large amount. So as of now Clixplit is a WP plugin that works with hyperlinks.

Stay tuned and I’ll have much more of a review here once the sales page of the product is updated. So if you want the most up-to-date and detailed review of this new WP plugin I suggest you bookmark this page and check back often.

Update #2

Here are some of the features of Clixplit!


  • Dual-Link opener script
  • Exit-intent detection page redirect.
  • Exit pop alert redirect.
  • Mobile feature
  • Global campaigns
  • Simple Stats & Tracking
  • Post/Page Title options
  • URL Rotation


sweet alright cool you made it in here thank you so much for checking out the click split launch set to go on member 7 11 a.m. eastern time now look you’re in the philly dashboard area pretty sweet in here you got all the buttons up top to navigate and each page has some unique step on it so let’s just jump right in i’m going to give you a little tour so thanks again for stopping by just got my epic win glasses on and just like the old days so alright welcome friends and affiliates to the dashboard we just got some good stuff up here you’ll notice right away there’s just a menu up here to help you navigate everything’s pretty cut-and-dry mean you’re finally gonna see the funnel JP concrete information on the competition as well as the leaderboard tools are your promotion tools review copies will help you get it get hold of a review copy prior to launch and this will be the sales page preview okay so let’s just jump right in there remember at any time on any page you can see you can just grab your affiliate links right off their choose between water plus in jvzoo i’m also had greatly appreciate if you leave a little facebook comment and spruce things up a little so first is the funnel all right so the for the first 24 hours we’re going to have ten dollars off of each license including throw so single license $17 multi 37 developers 57 the multi-site license gives you 10 websites you can put click split on developers unlimited and you can do it for clients and customers as well and then click split pro adds a few really powerful features to click split and they’re pretty irresistible it’s gonna be a lot of people grabbing that as well for the first 24 hours is gonna be $57 and then after that they offered the click split codex this is more than a training manual or anything like that this is basically going be some pro tips and tricks for using click split to the utmost advantage and you know we got a downside here as well in case they don’t want to go for that 47 dollar price point 27 box it’s yours so yeah as I said earlier and up to ninety dollars and fifty cents per sale you can learn some more about the funnel down here and we got the JV competition feel free to check this out first place thousand dollars second-place 750 third-place 500 fourth-place 350 place 150 and first 200 sales one’s 300 bucks right total $3,000 our affiliate leaderboard is going to be right here so you can get an update on that every 12 hours again if you like what you see your pretty grab your affiliate links next is affiliate tools and right now the steps empty but it will be filling up well before launch day mark my words and you’ll be able to grab some emails banner ad social posts it’s going to be really helpful and then lastly can grab your review copies by following this information if I haven’t reached out to you yet and you would like to reach out to me for your chance to get a review copy just follow the instructions here and below that you’ll be able to see a click split demo video so you can see what this thing’s like what the user interface looks like how clean it is how awesome in mind blowing it is and you little rendition of what we’re going to be putting out there all right and then again feel free to leave your facebook comments and then lastly sales page preview it’s not up right now but hang tight because it’s going to be sexy spacious and persuasive just like this JV area ok so i was a little bit long-winded thank you for checking this out again and hey good luck on this promotion thank you thank you so much for giving me a chance to show this to you taking the time out of your day really appreciate it have a great rest of your day week whatever it is right now for you okay

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