Creating an Affiliate Review Website

I’ll assume that you plan to create an affiliate review website. An affiliate review website is just what it says on the tin – a website where you write reviews as an affiliate.

One of your goals as an affiliate marketer is to develop a lot of trust among the people in your niche. You want people to trust you and to come to you when they are wondering if they should buy a product or not. You want them to come to you whenever they have a problem or question related to your niche.

On your affiliate review site, you will have sections where you might talk about the details of certain products and where you talk about the pros and cons of certain products. You may compare and contrast certain products so that you can help people make informed buying decisions.

You will also use your affiliate review sites to build relationships with the people of your niche. They will learn about you and what you stand for.

On your website, you might have a contact me section, an about me section, a disclaimer section, a terms of service section, an affiliate disclaimer section, and more. Note that certain affiliate programs, such as the Amazon Associates program, require you to put a specific disclaimer on your website and on all of your promotions stating that you are an affiliate and may earn a commission.

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