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Update: Feb. 2017

We have added more coupon codes for GSA Captcha Breaker and stuff

Over the past year or so I have been using GSA Search Engine Ranker to rank many different types of sites and web properties (videos, web 2.0, etc…). This even means personal stuff and client stuff. I can tell you that this software works well when you listen and learn to the right people and strategies. I can tell you right now that if you are lazy with this software then your results will show for sure. I don’t care if you think GSA SER is some push button link builder because it isn’t. It is a tool that with the right person can get you traffic.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Review and Discount Coupon Code

Firstly let me give you an overview of some of the features GSA Search Engine Ranker before we cover some tips in this informative tutorial/guide or whatever you wanna call it.

GSA SER Tutorial How to Guide

GSA Search Engine Ranker which most just refer to it as GSA and which I will from here on out in this tutorial or guide of tips and such. So GSA is a PC based software that is used for link building. Link building is crucial for SEO. While they advertise GSA as being totally automated I want you to know that there is some work you will need to do in-order for this software to be effective with you link building needs.

GSA was created by Sven and he does a wonderful job of updating the software and staying actively involved in the forums and with customers. The other great thing about this software is the one time price that includes free life-time updates. Trust me it is much better than paying monthly like other comparable software out there.

The other wonderful part about GSA is the integration is has with so many other services and software. Like different spinning services and captcha breakers and proxies. This makes it very easy on the learning end. As usually to get these to work all you have to plug-in is some login information or api info.

GSA is a great way to build any tier of links to your sites and web properties. Yes it can be used for tier 1 stuff. You just need to do a bit more leg work in order for it to be effective and not a time waster.

The first tip I will give you is either learn how to scrape well with ScrapeBox to create your own list or go out and buy a list and save yourself the time.

Grind List GSA SER List Review

To be perfectly honest I would suggest buying gsa ser lists from and letting Grindstone at Grindlist do the heavy lifting (building of gsa ser list). This dude know his stuff and the list price includes some amazing access to his Skype group. Which in-itself is worth the monthly cost. (this is my, Grindlist, Grind lists Review yo)

I do realize that I am not getting into much detail with how to scrape for a list or blah blah blah but to be honest it is a waste of time for most. Because most suck or don’t get it at the level of someone like Grindstone. I tried it and was much more effective going and buying a list from someone who knows this stuff. Time is money so work smarter not harder. If you are hell bent on learning how to scrape your own lists with different software then I suggest going to the GSA SER forum and asking there.

gsa ser lists

Honestly though just buy a list from the dude mentioned above and your VPM and LPM will be better than you could ever get on your own. Not to mention the results!!! Save time and make more money this way.

Second tip is don’t waste your time trying to save money with proxies and emails, captchas, indexing services, etc… Just browse/post in the GSA SER forums asking which are the best at the moment and go with them. You can’t be a cheap ass anymore when it comes to SEO and ranking. The days of lazy SEO are over my friends. I have found that the best email, proxy providers, and captcha breakers, indexer, etc… change from month to month and the best way is to check the forums like I said and stay current. Also the nice thing about checking the forums is there is often times a new provider of different services handing out discounts and free test trials. Win-win in my opinion.

Third tip to this crappy guide is to take any and all blog posts that go into exact details on how to use GSA SER with a grain of salt. What does that mean? It means learn when you read stuff but don’t get all anal and perfectionist thinking that you MUST do something a certain way because Joe Blow said so. Test your own stuff and find out yourself. And then don’t tell anyone your secret recipe unless you are a total moron. Trust me nobody is going to point you to the pot of gold. Find your own way!!! Please note there are lots of really smart people talking and teaching ways of using this software. So I am not saying they are morons at all. I’m just stating to create your own twists on ideas you learn!

GSA Search Engine Ranker Review Step by Step Tutorial

My fourth tip here in this amazing GSA SER review guide tutorial is… TEST, TEST, TEST!!! Wow that is pretty to the point ain’t it? You will not know what works until you test. And by that I mean take action and get stuff done. The more you use GSA Search Engine Ranker the more familiar you will become with all of it. I can say this is by far the most important. Because the more you learn the ins-and outs by test the better your results will be.

P.S. I hope you have enjoyed my amazingly awesome GSA Search Engine Ranker Review for 2016 and 2017 and of and love all the coupon codes and code I placed all over this tutorial and guide for you to eat up in a video series on how to use the best most effective way to rank your tier 1, 2 and 3 properties of Web 2.0 and stuff. And remember to build backlinks that pass captcha with proxies and emails that stick your indexer. Because this is the best way.


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