Hatchimals Black Friday 2016

Hi, This is HEOPOP.

Do you know ‘Hatchimals’ ? I have ‘Hatchimals’ now.

It’s not general eggs.

If you make hatchimals to be warm, Someone comes out of the egg.

How to hatch this egg? Touch it softly.

Hug it warmly.

Soft touch and warm hug continuously.

Let’s hatch this egg right now.

Open this box.

Remove color paper box.

This is a fake egg.

It’s a real Hatchimals egg.

It looks like a colorful ostrich egg.

Open plastic box.

Turn 2 bolts to remove the plastic box.

Turn 2 bolts to remove the plastic box.

(Did you hear some sound?) This is a ‘hatchimals’ egg !!! This is a ‘hatchimals’ egg !!! This egg sounds like a baby.

Light ? Can you hear this sound ? I can hear it.

It’s a living thing in the egg.

It emits lights.

Look at this.

Look at this.

I hug and touch it softly.

I hug and touch it softly.

I can’t hatch it right now.

I have to spend some time to hatch itwith warm hug and soft touch.

(knock) I knocked and it knocked too.

I put it in my clothes to hatch it fast.

I want to hatch it now~ Sleeping time ? It’s hatching now !!! Look at this.

Surprising !!! It has cracked.

You can do it.

You can do it.

Never give up !!! I guess she is sleeping now.

Wait ~ She is hatching now~ You can do it.

You can do it.

Good~ Cheer up! We want to see you.

Flying eggshell !!! I’m curious about your appearance.

Never stop ! Never stop ! Don’t sleep !!! Hatch ~ She is hatching again !!! Good~ Get up ~ Never give up! If you sleep, you might die !!! She is hatching again ^^ Her power is UP !!! This is because that she spent many time sleeping.

You can do it !!! The top and bottom were separated.

Sleep ? You can do it.

Start again ! Never give up~ Final time.

!!! Finish? Hatching is not easy.

Look at her face !!! Look at her beautiful face !!! She broke the eggshell with her nose(beak).

She was covered with plastic.

Remove it.

She has wings.

She look cute.

Congratulations on your birthday.

I stroke her head.

She has many colorful eyes.

Colorful eyes indicates her condition.

Walk ~ I hatched the ‘hatchimals’ egg today.

I got a beautiful bird.

She look cute ^^ Look at this.

She hatched from the hard egg.

Clap for her~ This is a beak, not a nose.

This is a beak, not a nose.

Anyway, We are friends now.

stay on my shoulder.

I have 3 hatchimals eggs more.

Next time, I try them again

Bye ^^.