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J: Precious.

J: My precious.

J: My precious.

J: My precious.

! J: MY -Q: Dude.

Q: What are you doing? J: Nnnnnothing.

? Q: Great, cuz I just got this new Hatchimals! Let’s open it.

J: I’m Jordan!Q: And I’m Quintin! Both: And this is Twin Challenge! J: Hey guys, welcome back.

J: We have our Hatchimals here, and we’re gonna be, uhm, unboxing them, and then we’re gonna be doing a challenge.

J: The first one to hatch their Hatchimal.

J: Okay so, there’s actually different kinds of Hatchimals, there’s Penguals and Draggles.

Q: Penguals and Draggles.

J: So, actually, we got a Pengual, we got these ones, these are the ones we can get, on the front.

We can get this one, or the one on this side.

Q: Cuz they were the last ones we found.

J: We’re gonna see who can, um, unbox these first.

Ah, and in this challenge, there are no prizes, just respect.

So let’s go ahead and unbox this.

J: Whoo! This is actually easier than I thought to unbox.

Q: Yeah, cuz you’re ripping it open.

Q: Yeah, cuz you’re ripping it open.

J: Also guys, this is not the real egg.

J: This is actually not the real egg right here.

Q: Y’know, I’m gonna need some of these scissors.

Q: Thank ya~J: Why do you need scissors? Q: Cuz.

J: This thing is easy.

Q: Safety first.

J: Uh.

Q: If you rip it open, who knows what will happen.

J: Okay, so, see guys? Look.

Thst’s not actually the egg.

That’s the egg.


I’ll take that.

J: Alright guys, we have our little egg right here.

Q: I don’t have mine egg.

Q: I don’t have mine egg.

J: Looks awesome~ J: Here’s our little pack of stuff that we should know, before we start playing with these.

So, I’m gonna- just going ahead and um, read it.

Uhm- I’m not gonna read those.

Q: Not that.

Q: -and how they do.

J: And I’m not gonna read that either.

J: Okay.

So, we got Hatchimals.

Q: Ha-tchi-mals~J: It’s the tips and tricks list.

J: So there’s five stages.

Q: Five stages.

Some of you might *unintelligible*.

J: The first turn- wait, the first stage is, uhm, Egg.

J: Second stage is Hatching, third stage is Baby, and fourth stage is Toddler.

And fifth stage is Kid.

Um, the Egg stage says, “Nurture my egg until I am ready to hatch.

” “You can tilt, tap, and- or touch the egg to interact.

” J: Stage two, Hatching.

“I will peck my way out of the egg.

When I pause, rub the egg.

” Basically, you gotta be giving it encouragement, cuz you can’t be like, “Okay, I’m just gonna watch you hatch.

” Stage three, Baby.

“Care for me, feed me, cradle me and comfort me.

” “And mooorrrrreeee~!” J: Toddler: “Teach me! Learn how to walk, and how to talk, and there’s also a dance mode.

” Stage 5, Play with me!.

“Unlock new games!” “Rainbow lights appear when I am ready to hatch, or when you have unlocked a new stage.

” J: This is the color dictionary, it’s gonna tell us, um, what this stuff is.

Q: Hear my heartbeat with pink, you’re annoyed or upset if it’s red, it needs to burp if it’s orange; just pat it’s back.

J: All of the list that we’re going down, is it’s eye color.

So you need to pay attention to its eye color in order to take care of it.

Purple means hungry.

White means it’s going to sleep.

J: Hrrn.

Just gonna take that off- Yay, I did it! *cooing noises* J: Come on, open your egg stuff, man! J: Come on, open your egg stuff, man!Q: Okay.

J: The challenge has started! Q: *imitating cooing noises* Q: Mine’s saying “Goo goo”.

J: Where is its eyes.

? Here’s its eyes! It’s making a color on it.

*cooing noises* *cooing noises*Q: Oohhhh~ J: What does orange mean? Oh.

It needs to burp.

*cooing noises Q: *tap tap tap tap*J: *tap tap* J’s egg: *tap tap* Q: OOOOHHHH! It’s tapping back when we do this.

*tapping & trilling* Q: It said the same thing, that means it’s the same one! J: That’s not true.

Q: I didn’t know it wanted to learn how to breakdance.

‘S all great until it falls off.

Q’s egg: *coughing* Q: IT’S SICK! J: Rub bottom of egg if coughs.

Q: I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Q: Aw man! Q: Aw man!J: That’s sick! Q: That’s some crazy coughing, they go like *imitates coughing* Q: They keep getting sick.

Q: They keep getting sick.

J: How do they get sick in an egg? J: They’re in an EGG! Q: How are they getting sick in an egg?! J: We need to keep them warm in order to hatch them.

That’s why we’re rubbing them.

J: It wanted me to hear its heartbeat earlier.

Q: So you have to hold it up.

J: Oh, there, it wants me to hear it again.

Q: And then it goes like *bump bump* *thump thump* Q: Hiccups.

Q: *tapping* Q: Hmm.

Q: It just repeated all the taps I just did! Ahah.

Watch~ Q: *taps repeatedly* Q’s egg: *coos, taps repeatedly* Q: *chortles* J: I;ve been rubbing you this whole entire time! Q: Oh, now he’s angry! Q: ABC, Always Be hatChing! He’s sneezing now instead of coughing.

J’s egg: *music twinkling* J: Hey! J: It’s hatching!Q: It said something.

J: It’s hatching! J: YES, it’s hatching~ J: YES, it’s hatching~Q: Mine’s not hatching.

Q: How come you ain’t hatching?J: It’s pecking! Q:s egg: *music twinkling* Q:s egg: *music twinkling*Q: Hey~! Q: It did it! Whoo! J: I win! Wait no, I don’t win yet.

Q: Cuz it hasn’t hatched.

J: This is awesome! *peck* Q: Hey!J: Ooh, come on.

J: It’s okay.

Q: Dang.

Q: I’m gonna rub at the top, because I don’t wanna get my finger hurt.

*pecks* Q: WOOH! Q: Ow.

When they hit it, they are just like, boom.

J: C’mon, peck it, peck- yes.

Q: You can peck it too! J: You can do it!Q: I can feel you moving.

Q: You know! You got the skills, baby.

You got it~ J: Yes, it’s pecking! Q’s egg: *snoring* Q’s egg: *snoring*Q: Don’t you dare fall asleep on me! J: Look.

Q: I heard it again.

J: It’s like, pecking on here.

See it? You see that, guys? OH, it pecked over here! Mine is gonna hatch first at this rate, Quintin! Q: Oh wow.

This pecking is, like hard! J: Yeah, this thing is actually pecking pretty hard.

Q: They’re pecking like, “kaboom.

” Q: Mine’s, like, doing everything ten seconds before your guy.

J: You mean “after”; and no, it’s not ten seconds.

J: I’m winning! Q: Jordan’s winning at this rate.

J: My baby’s hatching faster than Quintin’s.

Q: Unh, that one crack.

That one giant crack.

Oh! J: C’mon, come on, don’t let him win! Q: Ooooohh, can you see it, can you see any of it? J: I got a hole! Q: You got a big hole.

J: Do you guys wanna see which one mine is? I wanna show you it.

Look! That’s the color it is.

Q They said the same thing at the same time! They’re twins! No doubt about it.

J: Wait- Q: Just like us!J: Wait, do you have a different one? Q: Well.

they’re not identical.

Oh, they’re both different.

J: They’re different! Q: They’re fraternal twins! J: C’mon, yes that’s awesome! Q: Rub rub rubba, rub rubba dubba.

Alright guys, this challenge is gonna be, the winner gets respect, and whoever hatches first is gonna be the older sibling.


The other one will have to do what it says! Q: You have to do what it says.

J: So, let’s do this, a’ight? I want you to win! J: C’mon! Q: He said “Goo-gaa.

” J: What the heck does that even mean?Q: Is that a word? Q: There’s “Goo-goo”, Q: There’s “Goo-goo”, then there’s “Gaa-gaa”, Q: There’s “Goo-goo”, then there’s “Gaa-gaa”, then there’s “Goo-goo-gaa-gaa”, Q: And then, there’s “Goo-gaa.

” Q: And then, there’s “Goo-gaa.

“J: COME ONNNNN! Q: I guess Hatchimals are the only animals who have discovered the word, Q: I guess Hatchimals are the only animals who have discovered the word, the baby word, “Goo-gaa.

” Q: *imitating baby* Goo-gaa~!J: It’s like saying “Goo-goo gaa-gaa” at the same time.

Q: Except we’re saying “Goo-gaa”, once.

J: Hey, it finally broke it right here, look.


J: You see that crack down there? It broke it.

Q: No.

Q: It’s like they can’t see the egg that they’re pecking.

I- I think that’s it, I think that’s actually it, cuz they ca- cuz they peck, like, where nothing is.

J: Come on.

Come on!Q: Sometimes, mine are pecking, Q: And they’ll just be pecking,J: Come oooooooon! Q: but they’ll just be pecking at nothing, cuz nothing will be there where th- um, that they’re pecking at.

J: Come on!! Q: We are loving, Q: caring fathers who don’t shake their eggs,J: Stop-falling-asleep! Q: And who don’t teach them to breakdance before they’re toddlers, and you DEFINITELY don’t turn them upside down while you’re patting ’em.

J: Actually- Actually, no no no.

Q: Never ever.

J: Don’t turn them upside down.

Q: I forgot! If you turn them upside down for 8 seconds, they’ll turn off.

Q: Ohh! It got the top of it! *intense rubbing, pecking* *intense rubbing, pecking*J: C’mon.

! Q: Good girl or boy/Hatchimal.


OH! Q: It just made a giant hole right there! Q: It just made a giant hole right there!J: Let me see, let me see! J: Lemme see.

J: It got this part right here! Look, it got this part.

J: Quintin lookideeee~ J: Come on, come on, come on come on come on!Q: Do the Hatchidance, do the Hatchidance! J: I can’t even rub it right there, I have to, like J: rub it right here now.

Q: Do the Hatchidance.

Q: Do the Ha- *kalunk* Q: WHOO.

Q: Yes, he brokedanced too hard! Q: Hope it didn’t break anything in the baby.

!J: Oh yes, yes, yes, lookit! J: Look, it only has to pet right here! It only has to peck right here, just peck right hereeee! Q: Not really, that’s gonna take a while.

J: Nope, that only has to peck right here, J: he just has to peck right here!Q: I guess, I guess- J: Just peck where I want you to peck and then you’ll become a full grown man! Or else you- Oh.


Q: Oh.

J: Let’s just let- Oh.

Q: Yes, it will keep on pecking, so just keep that on top of its head.

J: Yes, keep on pecking.

Q: I guess, Jordan’s the winner.

*audience cheering* J: I’m the winner!Q: So he is.

J: Guys, I’m the winner! Q: NOW.

It’s time to unbox this creep! BOOM.

Q: *imitates ripping sound* Q: AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!! *Hatchimals cooing “Happy Birthday”* J: It’s singing “Happy Birthday” to itself! Q: It’s saying Happy Birthday to itself.

J: That’s so cute.

*singing Happy Birthday in Hatchimalese* Q: It just pecked.

J: What does purple mean? J: I made it eat, it was hungry.

*cooing, trilling* J: Y’know, it said you can teach it how to walk, but it’s already walking, clearly fine.

J: I’m just an excellent parent; so it knew how to walk when it was born~ J: HROOOH! J: AGHH! *hatchimal growls* Q: Now he’s angry! Both: *giggles* Q: He said, “Don’t yell at me!” Q: He said, “Don’t yell at me! >:o” J: Turn into a toddler, okay! J: Oop, it’s doing the dance mode! *sound of exclamation, dance music plays* Q: It’s dancing.

*Dance music plays*Both: *dancing grunts* Q: Soon, I hope this thing will actually turn into a kid.

And I can teach it to breakdance.

~ Yeah~ See ya! *Giggles* Hatchimal: Hello! J: My name is Joseph.

Hatchimal: My name is Joseph.