How much are Hatchimals

– [Girl] Family fun for everyone! (fun upbeat music) – [Man] Hey assistant, I had a bunch of Hatchimals in our spooky fort.

– Yeah, let’s go find them! And people at home, tell us in the comments how much Hatchimals you see.

– [Man] That’s right, leave us a comment and tell us how many Hatchimals do we find.

And then when the assistant’s done finding them, you know what we’re gonna do? – Play, and you’re gonna come and find me! – [Man] That’s right, I’m gonna find the Hatchimals that the assistant did.

Alright, so she’s gotta look really, really well for the Hatchimals.

– Or you’re gonna just look for me.

– Oh, you want me to look for you? Alright, let’s see if we can find those Hatchimals.

You think they’re inside the playhouse? – Ugh! – [Man] Nope, no Hatchimals.


There’s a mouse right there.

Is that a rat? That’s a rat.

– None in this bucket.

– [Man] None in that bucket.


– Hmm.

– [Man] Still haven’t foundany Hatchimals, have we? (sighs) There’s Arnold.

Hey, ask Arnold if he’s seen any.

– Have you seen any? What, what? Check in your pumpkin? (gasps) – [Man] Whoa, you found the first one! – Yeah, this one! Oh, we better leave it in there, it says.

– [Man] Wait a minute,is it starting to hatch? – [Girl] No, it actually says that it’s about.

His mommy’s not gonna be that happy with we.

– I hear it.

(gasps) – It’s about to hatch! – [Man] It’s hatching, we better put it away before, so the mommy Hatchimal can find it.

– Okay, let’s keep lookin’! – [Man] So we found one.

Remember, you’ve gotta let us know how many we find.

– Right! – [Man] Here’s Michelangelo.

– Hi, Michelangelo.

Hey, what are you looking at? – [Man] Wait a minute,what’s that down there? – I don’t know, maybe I should dust it off.

– [Man] It’s a treasure chest hidden in all the leaves! – Cool, let’s open it! (gasps) Look! – [Man] Oh, it’s a treasure! It looks like an ark.

– Yeah! – [Man] Like in Indiana Jones.

– Indi Dino.

– [Man] Or Indi Dino.

And you found a Hatchimal! – It’s about to hatch! – [Man] Wait a minute.

It is hatching, assistant.

– Yeah.

– [Man] You can even see the lights on it right there for the eyes.

Can you turn it a little bit so we can see? Gotta turn it the other way.

So right there.

People at home, do you seethe lights for the eyes? Right there.

– Maybe we should put it back for the mom.

– [Man] That’s right,we gotta keep looking.

– Yeah.

We wouldn’t wanna wasteour hide and go seek time if we’re just looking at an egg hatch! – [Man] Ah, so we found that one.

– Let’s keep lookin’! – [Man] We gotta keeplooking for Hatchimals.

– Gotta keep looking, gotta keep looking.

Gotta keep, keep, keep.

– [Man] I know there’s a bunch more.

– Yeah, ’cause you hid ’em.

– [Man] That’s right.

Some of ’em are in the box,some of them are still eggs.

– Some of them are.

– [Man] Some of them have already hatched.

– [Girl] Yeah.

– [Man] There’s Frankenstein and the spider.

Okay, assistant.

– Alright, let’s look! – [Man] Gotta look.

Ooh, look at that big dragon there.

– Yeah.

Look! – [Man] Underneath the dragon is a Hatchimal and a alligator head! – [Girl] You better save it.

– [Man] Yeah, you better pick that one up and save him, assistant.

Ooh! So wait, is that a Draggle? That’s probably a Draggle, isn’t it? – Yeah! – [Man] Right here by this giant dragon.

– And it probably just hatched! – [Man] It did, can youtake him out and see? – Hello.

– [Man] Oh look.

(toy singing) Wow, that’s pretty cool.

Let’s keep lookin’ now, assistant.

– Okay! Let’s keep lookin’, let’s keep lookin’, let’s keep lookin’! Not over here! Oh! – [Man] Wait a minute, right there is one right next to the spooky skeleton head! – It looks like it’s already hatched.

– [Man] It is hatched.

It’s another one that’s just now starting to hatch, isn’t it? – Yeah, let’s put it down.

– [Man] So that’s another.

Okay, people at home, have you been keeping count? – Yeah, you better! Let’s go up here! – [Man] Now we’re gonna look up here, aren’t we? – Yeah, I’m already halfway.

– [Man] Halfway for the Hatchimal! – Hmm.

(gasps) Look behind you! – [Man] Look behind me? Really, what? What, what, what, what amI supposed to look for? – Look, a Hatchimal! I think it’s a Draggle.

– [Man] Oh yeah, right there.

Look, there is a Hatchimal right there.

Wow, we found another one that’s already been hatched.

– Yeah.

– [Man] Hey, do you look playin’with Hatchimals, assistant? – Yeah! – [Man] Push his beak and see what happens.

Pretty cool! – Oh.

(happy music) – Put him down on the ground.

Let’s see what he does.

Hatchimal! – [Girl] I think this one was pulled out too early.

– [Man] Oh, maybe.

(toy yawning) Oh, there he goes.

Alright, assistant, we’ve gotta keep finding.

– Hatchimals! – [Man] Hatchimals.

Okay, assistant.

– Let’s keep lookin’! I’m just gonna rest right here.

– [Man] Where are you gonna rest? – [Girl] Right here.

– [Man] Oh, you’re right there, okay.

(screams) Whoa, she went down the slide! Oh, I need to go see if wecan rescue her, come on.

I’m not gonna go down the slide, I’m gonna go a different way.

We gotta go down and see where we can find the assistant.

Oh, that spooky spider.


We can go this way.

We’ve gotta find the assistant.

She’s looking for more Hatchimals.

(leaves rustling) (grunts) Where’s she at? – Right here.

– [Man] There is the assistant.


– Ugh.

– [Man] Alright, good job.

– [Girl] I’m just gonna sit in this pile of leaves.

– [Man] Wait a minute, assistant.

We gotta look for the Hatchimal first.

– I know.

– [Man] We’ve gotta look for that Hatchimal first.

– Yeah.

Maybe they’re in this pile of leaves! – [Man] That is a big pile of leaves.

– Okay, let’s dig in this pile of leaves.

– [Man] There’s a pile of leaves, let’s see what’s inside of it.

– Ugh.

Well, you remember, we don’t even know if there’s any.

– [Man] Yeah, they’re might not be anything.

Wait a minute, I see somethin’ in there.

(gasps) – Look! – [Man] What is that? – Looks like a Hatchimal! – [Man] It is a Hatchimal! It’s still in the box, assistant! – Yay, we found one of ’em! – [Man] We found one ofthem in the box right there! It’s a Hatchimal! – Yay! – [Man] Awesome, assistant.

– Maybe now it’s time for you to find me! – [Man] Now you’re gonna hide and I’ve gotta find you, right? – Right, now you have to find me hiding somewhere.

– [Man] Alright.

I’m gonna go count, you’re gonna go hide, okay? – Well, I’ll just say ready.

– [Man] Okay.

Okay, now like the assistant said, we’ve gotta find the assistant.

She’s gonna be way back here.

You can see back here by the shortcut.

Assistant! People at home, let me know.

Yell assistant if you see her, okay? Yell assistant, I see you! Michelangelo, have you seen the assistant? No.

What about you, Mr.

Pumpkin, have you seen her? No.

Arnold? Hey, is that Hatchimal still in there, Arnold? Sure is! But no assistant.

Spooky crow.

We’ve gotta find her.

I bet that she’s back there.

What do you think, do you think she’s behind this? No, just a power cord.

Here’s that spooky dragon.

No assistant there.

Back here with all thebones in the cemetery? No.

Assistant! (child calling) I hear somethin’.

There’s the other Hatchimal right there on the ground.

But we’ve already found that one.

Remember, leave us a comment and tell us how many Hatchimals we found.

Let’s go back through here to this secret spot.

Well, there’s the box of the Hatchimals, right? Hmm.

Ooh, there’s a spider too.

Do you see that giant spider up there? Oh, boy.

I’m glad the assistant’s not scared of spiders.

Whoa, she calls that spider Jewel because he’s got like jewels for eyes.

Do you see it? There’s the slide.

There’s the pile of leaves.

Assistant, we don’t know where you could possibly be! Wait a minute, what’s that? There she is! Assistant, you were buried under the leaves just like the Hatchimals! You’ve got leaves all in your hair, do you know that? – Yeah.

– [Man] You’ve got leave-y hair.

Whoa, that was pretty cool.

Hey assistant, so what do they need to remember to leave a comment on? – How many Hatchimals they found.

– [Man] That’s right, how many Hatchimals did we find! – Yeah! – [Man] So leave a comment tellin’ us how many Hatchimals we found and which was your favorite one.

Also, above right there is a picture for what? – TEF Kids! – [Man] That’s right, TEF Kids.

So make sure that you leave us your checked TEF Kids.

There’s lots of cool videos of Paw Patrol and all kinds of fun things, right? – Right! – [Man] So check that out.

Remember to subscribe, followus on Facebook and Twitter.

And our secret spellingword is gonna be Hatchimal! H-A-C.

H-A-T-C-H I M-A-L-S.

– H-A-C T, wait.

H-A-T C-H-I M-A L-S.

Hatchimals! – [Man] That spells Hatchimals! (yells) So make sure you type that in the comments, okay? – Okay! Bye, have a leafy day! – [Man] Bye! Oh look, Wiggles is comin’ in.

Wiggles! – Bye! – [Man] Bye, everyone! – Bye! – [Man] See you next time! – Oh, there goes.

(upbeat fun music) – [Man] Hey there, everyone.

Thanks for reading!

I think you’re really gonna like it.

Types of Hatchimals

There are five kinds of Hatchimals which you can raise – Pengualas, Draggles, Owlicorns, Burtles and Bearakeets. Have a look at these furry little cute Hatchimals and chose the one you want. Just click on a Hatchimal below, to order it and bring it home.