Information Overload Cure For Internet Marketers

Fuck information overload!!! Right in it’s ass.

This by far is the number reason people fail at business online. It doesn’t care who you are and modern society only wants to throw more of it at you.  I know I for one have battle this bastard and continue too daily.  So is there a cure???


But there are some damn good things you can do to keep this monster at bay!

Kick information overloads ass and come out productive!

So what is information overload? Well the best history and explantion I can give you is found here: Read this  (and come back to me here)

Ok so now you have a bit more history on this nasty sickness. So what the hell can you do to avoid it as much as possible?

Listen up!

Alright so I am going to be discussing specifics about combating information overload in Internet Marketing. Note from here on out I will be referring to information overload as IO because I’m lazy and don’t wanna type the damn phrase a bazillion times.


Step 1: Don’t be a forum/blog reader whore!

What is that? It’s when you waste all your time posting and browsing forums and blogs in hopes of finding the “right” answers to succeed online.

Listen folks forums and blogs aren’t all bad but they sure as hell are a sink-hole of unproductiveness if you aren’t careful.

I can’t tell you the best way for you personally to avoid the forum/blog IO trap but I can tell you what I do and that might give you some insight.

I use forums/blogs and I find lot’s of good stuff too. But I make sure that when I go there I am going for a specific reason.

Example: Like I have some SEO software that I am using and I am stuck on a particular part. So I go to a forum/blog and search and if I can’t find help I ask a question. That’s it… You go for 1 task and 1 task only and you GTFO!

I also use forums/blogs to generate new ideas for marketing campaigns/sites/etc…

Example: Pretend like you are a private investigator and you are on a mission to solve a case. Go to the blog/forum with that mindset. Zero-in on the goal that you are researching ideas for a new project and that is it. Ignore all other distractions. Take notes of the ideas you find and GTFO!

Obviously there are tons of other ways and examples but this is all I feel like typing at the moment. The point here if you are seeing it is to…

HAVE A GOAL or PLAN of ACTION in mind before you go to battle and then go and ACHIEVE it!

I guarantee you will be more productive this way!

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