How to make your website user friendly in 2017

If you want your customers to return to your business to buy from you repeatedly then you want to make sure that the site is as user-friendly as possibly. Having a site that puts people instead of search engines first is sometimes called Web 2.0. The irony is that if you do this properly then you will naturally raise to the top of the search engines as others will see you as popular.

Here are some tips for making money online by making user-friendliness part of your SEO (search engine strategy.)

Tip #1 –Avoid Pop Ups and Pop Unders

Except for the use of one pop-up that asks your visitor to subscribe to an opt-in email list you should avoid this annoying form of advertising. Not only do most people dislike them but many people also have pop up blockers installed on their computers. This means that many people do not always see your pop-ups in the first place.

Tip #2 – Avoid Complicated Site Designs

The fancier your font is and the more frames and other gizmos that you add to the equation the harder it is going to be for some of your customers to view your site. This is because not all web browsers show sites in the same way. It is best to keep it simple for the best possible viewing when the site is sent out.

Make sure that your menu bars and pages are clearly marked and can be accessed with one click. Make sure that all the pages on your site can be accessed from menus on the home page.

Tip #4 – Display the Product and Price Clearly

If you are making online money selling products or informational products be sure that the description makes sense, that the price is clearly marked and that helpful information is clearly displayed. If you are selling physical products it helps to have a link with at least one new window that shows the product from different angles.

Tip #5 – Use a Site Map

Not only is a site map friendly to people who have browsers that might have juggled your layout a bit, it is also a web site component that is favored by the search engine spiders.

Finally, it is a really good idea to make sure that you have a website that loads within a few seconds of your customer logging on to it. Research into the surfing habits of prospective buyers have shown that they do not stick around to wait for any website to load for more than a couple of seconds. To prevent this from happening avoid having pages that are laden with too many unnecessary images. You should also not load it down with too much flash animation or java enabled scrip.

Remember that the less bells and whistles that you have cluttering up your site, the more user-friendly it will be and the more online money you will make.

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