How to protect Clickbank Products from Getting Downloaded for Free

If you are a blogger who is trying to market an informational product by selling it from Clickbank then you might want to be aware that there are all kinds of breaches in the Clickbank system that can allow people to steal your book and make money online from it. This is exactly why you need to make sure that you purchase some kind of digital lock for your products so they cannot be opened without a code or key that is given at the point of sale.

Stealing Your Book From the Download Page

Stealing your eBook is as easy as sneaking in through your back door. The Clickbank site is known for its predictability in terms of URL assignment just simply because every single vendor on there has to go through the same process in order to publish and deliver information products.

The problem is that most internet thieves can simply guess what page your Clickbank page is being downloaded from. With a few lucky keystrokes and intelligent guesses people who want to steal your product can do it very easily.

People Who Share Your Product

Sometimes the person stealing your eBook is well meaning. They compromise the privacy of your sale by either distributing your book online for free or through the email system or by actually passing it along the download location on Clickbank to friends and family. There is very little that Clickbank has ever been able to do to prevent this type of thievery.

In fact, there are entire websites and forums online that instruct you as how to cheat Clickbank vendors and find out where you can download their products for free.

The Search Engines Will Give It All Away

Sometimes the Google and Yahoo search engines go a little overboard. The download URL for your Clickbank product is supposed tube secret but the spiders go deep into your site and accidentally post the location of your download page on the search engine pages. The next thing you know people are Googling the title of your information product, bypassing your payment page and downloading your product for free.

Digital Tracking Stops Thieves

It is worth it to invest in a digital product tracking product. These work like GPS for the internet. They can track every single Clickbank product your have sold and refunded. Once a product is tampered with or refunded these products can make the product disappear from the customer’s computer and from every other computer on which your stolen information appears.

You can also use this type of software to make your product disappear off of a computer once a free trial has expired. You simply type in the expiration date into the delivery process and you never have to worry about anyone stealing your product again.

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