What was the score of the dodgers padres game last night

what happened last night between the dodgers and padres they benches clearing brawl with the former white side carlosquentin and a former kansas city royals zack greatly if you’ve not seen it uh.

we are not allowed to show footagebecause bob sealant would actually crossed you like the sports for copyright reasons so if you want tosee it through the link in the description below go take a look bendthe scenario was a three to cal there were no out singing but it was thebottom of the six and the dow disrupt one month there is no incentive in my humbleopinion gazette greatly to throw at carlos quentin many people were supersuper pissed about this including don mattingly who was quoted as saying isort all get to a question a moment he was quoted as saying it’s just stupid heshould not play game until breaking contention what do you make of all thisexactly and should be carlos quentin be suspended the amount of time is thatgreat he is out which appears to be at least minimum dot medically but they were putting likechicago sports talk radio after rocky koris he helped by being a beyond the twentyfive pm that shit expect that the big lake sports talkradio thing yell at the body interst somebody you know i think thatgary shape should be our first line is and uh.

that that isn’t hurting me wehave to wait to play until the other guy country health experts that’s not how itworks kind should be protected and in what he did was with dog that and verycostly incredibly costly because grape leaves one of the highest paid right at thepictures if they fall of battered by popular figure kaelin expected and intricate right away whichhe was doing city big blow to hotmail they’re gettingit arrival post-game that there isn’t a straight back uh.

that you’ve been hit by a crankybefore intrude then let me jump in the ten thmattingly said i don’t care about history it’s aballgame they’re trying to win which i’m actually agree with it was a one rungaining six and a correctly in my opinion of what the trying it quick now great he is also a quick after thatabout a third party setup but it quick shocked me it break he was trying to getinto that situation outlook with defray posting but that’s it was something thatcranky said now and the final strong break you wouldn’t elaborate itpost-game in saginaw back and i i’m not gonna getinto that would go to the bottom line is that ifthis quick just goes to first base understand that he’s just going to getpaid for by the time but i think that the the impact of of the game that he didn’tthat chip dialogue in critical even to throw at you and just at dollop yuki dyan now did it happen back in two thousanddiet failed quit that could be restrainedfrom going after breaking news of the white five hundred and all the royal thegreat thing about this is that they’re completed on monday so then testified jackie robinson thatprocess up often testicle congrates together are they have a great weekbeating the crap out of each other work number for detail filled an order thatyeah uh.

the one thing i didn’t like about carlos clinton who is the you knowhe he he is a fantastic speaker he and i mean look what whatever your stance ison him uh.

i didn’t like this post-game he said the situation could’vebeen avoided you can ask the zack that you’re the one that charge the mound couples clinton nha selling appearsticks and stones may break my bones but words will never herman there’s nothing that is that great hecould have sat in my humble opinion that says dole charge and you-know-what hesaid something to you go to our jan van gogh break a scholar both the new trierburgers collarbone no of course a but he was in rage he was he did in the moment but it could’ve been avoided gift-givingcharge the mound it seems like right uh.

What was the score of the dodgers padres game last night

picture or a bad thing to do it that they have the party of it if kim people think that group leaderthat to me that you know pictured or accidentally and batters petticoat accidentally charged aboutextra players natural it that pat actually try it is to fight carlos quentin in the parkinglot there are hopeful report that they got face-to-face pin day at the separated by picture deepakhave actually typed by carlos put to the parking lot he is a dominic as quick that that that affect question foryou to keep them that decision it as dog is quite charging them out but nightbecause if greg you’ve already heard and ifanything should happen to campanile two players in the state night but is that you had a complete thatgrocery bill here to appear three bath.