Smart ToysRus Employees Profit on Hatchimals

“A mother has accused Toys R Us staff of hoarding this year’s must-have toy and reselling it at a profit. Courtesy: Wochit”

So it looks like store workers are getting wise to the fact that they can make more money hocking these toys on Ebay and Craigslist than they can at their jobs. And in all honesty I can’t blame them. If people are dumb enough to pay these crazy prices for a stupid re-hashed Furby in an egg then more power to them. Gotta love marketing!

See this:

“Hatchimals, which retail for $79 and are out of stock at major retailers, are being sold on eBay and Gumtree for up to $500 as desperate parents hunt for last-minute gifts.”

Now if you are in the dark and wondering what this toy is exactly you can watch this video below to get aquanted with these Tickle Me Elmo’s of 2016


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