Teddy Ruxpin 2017 Review

Welcome to this years hottest Christmas Toy for 2016!

Hey do you guys remember this little guy right here? I bet a lot of you do.

This is Teddy Ruxpin and guess what? He’s back! Meet Teddy Ruxpin for the 21st century.

And now I’m going to turn it over to Jeremy here who is going to take us through the amazing new Teddy Ruxpin.

He’s so cute.

(Laughing) He’s so soft.

Okay and I’m going to keep this one because he’s worth like a million dollars.

(Laughing) In fact it is worth a million dollars.

It is! So Teddy Ruxpin’s back.

Right? And Teddy Ruxpin from 1985 to 1990 was one of the biggest most important toys in the industry.


Anyone that’s 30-40 years old and maybe a little older, maybe a little younger who loves Teddy understand what Teddy’s all about.


Story telling.

One of your best friends and just super cute and cuddly.


Which is the reason why you’ve got Teddy so coveted right now.

But Teddy Ruxpin was gone for a while.


And now he’s back.

And he’s back because the technology is right.

As you can see we’re doing some amazing things in terms of technology.

Remember the original Teddy Ruxpin that you’re holding was a technological marvel right? Yes.

Motorized mouth, motorized eyes, one of the first animatronic toys ever.


So what have we done to celebrate this? Well we have fully colored LCD eyes.

He has a fully motorized mouth.

And as Teddy’s telling you stories for a pre-reader child, whose 3,4,5 or 6 years old, you just push the hand and it switches stories.

Oh cool.

It’s very simple.

And if you want to sing along, like sometimes me, as a 42 year old man needs a sing a long, you just push the foot.

Everybody needs a sing a long.

Everyone needs a sing a long.

(Laughing) You push the foot and you get a sing a long and so it’s just one of the greatest brands of all time.


The pleasure of our careers to work on outside.

This and cabbage and a few other brands so beloved.

It’s just amazing that Teddy’s been gone for so long.

I know and he’s back and he’s so soft, guys.

You do, you just want to cuddle him and I can’t believe he’s back.

Now does he work on his own? Does he pair with an app? That is an excellent question.

And here’s the answer to your excellent question.

Thank you, thank you.

So we’ll talk about the technology a bit.

So first of all Teddy is not really alive.

So when I tell you what’s inside Teddy don’t be scared.


He’s a toy.

He’s a toy.

He’s not real.

He’s kind of real.

So Teddy Ruxpin has a four gigabyte hard drive inside.


Okay? And each story is about 100 megabytes so you can do about 40 stories.


So Teddy Ruxpin’s hard drive will have the first ten stories.

Three of them are unlocked.

You have to unlock the additional 7 via any smart device and it tells you the stories.

They are like 15-20 minutes singing, and all those things.


Each one of the stories is from classic Teddy Ruxpin stories.

They’ve launched 60.


And I got to tell you for kids it’s one of the simplest interactions ever.

In addition you can see the app here.


If you’re learning how to read.

Read along.

You can try to read along and the words will highlight on the final item.

And Teddy tells you the story with the words highlighted and it’s just.

Anyways, we can’t embrace enough what this is going to mean in terms of toys, and in terms of education.


This is amazing.

This is the ultimate read along help your children to read in a fun way.

That’s what the original Teddy Ruxpin was.

He’s absolutely amazing.

These suckers go on Ebay for like thousands of dollars so really I’m not giving it back.

(Laughing) He’s so well loved and so remembered.

As you can see over here he was the top 100toy of all time from Time magazine.

That’s right.

Yeah Time magazine, when they went through the list a lot of the toys have been around continuously.

Teddy’s one of the few toys that is now coming back that went away.

That’s exciting.

Thank you so much for letting us unveil Teddy.

I’m so excited.

I’m really not giving this one back.

(Laughs) We couldn’t be more excited and you know what? This is, again like we said, the joy of our careers and Teddy’s going to mean a lot to kids and reading and story telling.


Now when is Teddy going to hit the market? Okay.

Yeah, this is the big question.

Here’s the only bad news.

Here’s the bad new.

He’s not this Christmas? So first of all we were never going to be showing Teddy today.


Because it’s an early prototype but that’s an early prototype that looks that good.


So Teddy had to be unleashed.

The bear had to come out of the bag.


So what we’ve done here is we’ve probably shown Teddy a little early.


Teddy’s not going to be on the shelf until August 2017.

August 2017.


It’s going to be a while.

But with that said, we can all embrace the fact that he looks this good already.


By August 2017 Teddy’s going to be a full on phenomenon.

He’s going to be so.

Kids, put him on your list for 2017 Christmas.

This is big on your list.

Parents, get ready.

(Laughing) He’s adorable.

I love him.

Thank you so much! Thank you so much! This is so exciting! Thank you everybody for reading this post.

You guys are among the first people to witness the re-release, the return of Teddy.

We are so excited.

Comment down below if you remember Teddy Ruxpin.


Did you have a Teddy Ruxpin? Let me know in the comments down below.

Thank you so much for reading.


Thank you.