The Commission Toolbox Review Glynn Kosky



So this guy by the name of Glynn Kosky has a product that I recently reviewed and here it is:

Ok, so here is a review of The Commission Toolbox. This is a product from Glynn Kosky.

Commission Toolbox is similar to his product Overnight Commissions. While you may not be familiar with the last product what that means is this is strictly for newbies or beginners to Internet Marketing.

The Commission Toolbox is basically about list building and how to get traffic from paid to surf sites.

The real bulk and juice of this product are the resources provided on where to find free hosting, autoreponders and other services.

So to wrap this review up! If you are just starting out and looking to get started in email marketing and on a budget then this is a good product for you. I also want to note that pay attention to the sales funnel used with this product. It is a pretty good one and something you can learn from when building your own lists.

TLDR: This is a good product for beginners on a budget looking to get into email marketing/list building.

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