Vert Shock Diary – Episode 1: Getting Started

Hey Guys and welcome to this video log which is actually my first ever! And the reason that I have actually created this video is that I have actually a problem: I love to play basketball, but like lots of I cannot dunk! Now I know there are worse problems to have, right? But maybe this situation is familiar to you? Its before a basketball game and you are warming up and there is a layup line and you aredoing your picture perfect right foot left foot foot layup off the glass, picture perfect.

But then there is this guy behind you who is holding his own dunking contest and heis getting all the attention from the crowd.

Or maybe you are on the public basketballcourt and you are working on your three pointer and again there is this other guy who is working on his 360 windmill? And well, my plan is to become that guy! To achieve this I am going to follow the 8 week Vert Shock training program.

And I think that there are a lot of basketballplayers out there who share the same goal, who would certainly love to increase their verticaljump enough to finally be able to dunk! Thats why decided to create this video logand share my results with you guys and hopefully keep myself motivated enough to really committo the hard training! Alright, before I continue I want to introducemyself real quick: My name is Andy, I am 29 years old, born and raised in Germany, and unfortunately I am only 6ft tall.

So dunking will not be easy for me.

But the way I see it, this is just going to make it that much more impressive once I’m successful! Okay, so whats the plan for the next 8 weeks? Like I mentioned earlier Im going to followthe Vert Shock training program by Adam Folker.

I found this program online when I was searchingfor ways to improve my vertical and the website made a really good first impression they have actually tons of testimonials and great victory stories up there and I mean, they promise somethingbetween 9 to 15 inches improvement on your vertical jump and if I gain anything closeto 9 inches dunking really should be no problem for me! And if it doesn't work out they have actually a 60 day money back guarantee so really there’s nothing I can lose! Alright so in order to track my progress overthese next 8 weeks I believed I just go out there and make a few videos of myself tryingto dunk so you guys can get a feel for where I am right now and how difficult or how challengingthese next 8 weeks are going to be for me Alright first a couple of clips of simpleone-legged jumps without a basketball.

And as you can see I can grab the rim pretty comfortably.

And that is true for jumps of both the left leg and the right leg.

However, when I tryto do the same with a basketball it just looks embarrassing.

And i blame that on my tinylittle girly hands which make palming the basketball impossible.

I actually have actually the biggest hopes for a dunk off of both feet and using both hands to grab the ball.

I think Ill need just 3 to 5 moreinches and that would certainly be a dunk! Okay guys, I think thats it for the firstedition of this video log.

In the upcoming weeks I plan to post weekly videos talking about my experience with Vert Shock talk about my progress during the training and hopefully share some great dunks with you.

Once Im done this should be the most in-depthVert Shock review out there on the internet! If maybe you too want to increase your vertical jump or if you’re just interested in how my training is going to look like please subscribe to my youtube channel and I’ll keep you updated.

And if you want to know more about me or the VertShock program you can also check out myblog.

I’ll be going into much more detail there.

Okay I chance I see you next week, until thenbye!.