Vert Shock Diary – Episode 2: Impressions of week 1

hey guys welcome back to the secondedition of video series.

And today I want to talk to you about myexperience with the first week of Vert Shock shock and I'm going to talk about how thetraining looked like in general and how long the workouts took me and also howdifficult and demanding the exercises were.

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Ok so how was my first week of vert shock? So the first week iscalled the pre shock phase and thats six workouts in seven days which are reallysupposed to shock your body and prepare you for the next coming seven weeks.

And I can tell you week 1 is really exhausting.

And thats somehow strange because whenyou look at it.

The workouts are really not that long, in fact it took me onlylike 45 minutes for each workout and it's not like a CrossFit workout eitherwhere you are really pushed to the limit and you're doing tons of repetitions andin the end you are almost blacking out You are however doing all exercises atmaximum intensity So for example when you're doing a set of 8 depth jumps you're supposed to stop as soon as you notice your jump height getting lower.

This waythe workout almost seems too easy because you're never really pushed tothe limit Ok but maybe a little anecdote about that:So the flat where i live is on the 5th floor and there's no elevators so after trainingI have to walk up all those stairs and after my first workout I was gettingcramps in my calves and upper leg So there really has to be something about that training! The first week of the Vert Shock training program has you working out on six out of seven days and the first two days are very jumping specific so you're doing a lot of plyometric exercises but also exercises where you are more focused onstrength and power Something like deep squat jumps for example.

The third day is a little different for full body workout where you are working on your core strength and upper-body strength and your legs really get a day off.

After that the fourthdays is reserved for rest and then you just repeat the first three days again.

What I really like about the Vetr SHock program so far is the fact that you don't need a gym.

So I have done all my workouts in a nearby park and it takes me about a five minute jog to get therethat's part of the warmup anyway so that's really perfect! All you need for the workout is a park bench or a little wall or something like that were you can do your depth jumps and your box jumps.

And for some exercise if you also need a basketball, but if you want to dunk you really should have a basketball right? So I know promised to make wekly videos of myself trying to dunk.

But I don't think that would make sense right now Because I'm really exhausted and thosevideos would just be disappointing and disheartening for me so I promise tomake it up next week.