Vert Shock Review after 8 weeks of training – Does Vert Shock work?

hey guys and welcome to this video review of Vert Shock.

My name is Andy thank you for watching! Today I want to do a quick recap of myexperiences with Vert SHock training program and show you how I went from a29 inch vertical jump and this pretty embarrassing attempt at dunking to a new personal best 37 inch vertical and now being able to dunk easily! In this videoreview I'm going to talk about the features of Vert Shock my experiences during the eight-week program and what I especially liked about it and also what I didn'tlike about it as much.

And if you stick around until the end of this video I'm going to give you a way to find out would Vert Shock could do for yourvertical and if you too could be dunking after eight weeks of Vert Shock! BeforeI continue I want to introduce myself real quick My name is Andy I'm 29 years old I live in Germany and most importantly to the basbetball players out there I'm six feet tall.

I still play in a rather low-level local league and at the end of last season I was so annoyed by my lack of athleticism and hops that Idecided I had to do something about it And the goal i set form myself was thatI would be able to dunk before I turn 30! That's where Vert Shock comes into play.

Adam Folker the creatorof Vert Shock promises you to improve your verticaljump by nine to 15 inches in only eight weeks.

And I have to say that made me abit uneasy at first because it sounds really extreme and unrealistic.

A lot like thesehorrible internet diet promotions you maybe know like "lose 20 pounds in five days by only eating chocolate".

But the rest of the website made a reallyprofessional impression and they offer a 60 day money-back guarantee.

I meanreally couldn't lose much by trying it right? Ok so how does Vert Shock work? TheVert Shock training program lasts for eight weeks and during that time youwill be doing 41 workouts and yes that's a little more than five workouts a week soquite a lot! These workouts focus on different areas which are important forjumping Stuff like it advanced plyometrics whereyou are doing jumping exercises like depth jumps or box jumps to corestrengthening exercises like planks and then there's also exercises for yourlower body power and explosiveness Stuff like hill sprints or squat jumps.

Theexercises of Vert Shock are all explained in great detail by Adam Folkerhimself in HD videos and this will make sure that you're doing exercisescorrectly! The workout plans you can watch them on your cell phone or tabletor you can just download the PDF and print them out old school.

Alrightlet's get to meat up this video! So how did my eight weeks of Vert Shock go? A few days before I started I went to my favorite basketball court and measuredmy running vertical jump which was surprisingly decent.

I measured a 29 inch vertical which allowed me to grab the rim pretty easily.

And then workouts began and I have to say after week one I was really sore.

I mean after being a couch potato for far too long my body was clearly shocked by six intense workouts in onlyseven days.

I wasn't even able to make a progress video after week onebecause my legs were aching so badly Week 2 was already a lot betteras my body got more and more used to the workout and the first results were reallypromising.

During week three and four I really got into the groove of thetraining and I could feel how I got more explosive each day.

So after week 4 Ionce again went to check my vertical.

And on that day my legs felt really springyand explosive and the weather was also really hot which is always good for highjumping because you are warmed up easily So after doing my dynamic warm-up for about 20 minutes and trying some jumps without the ball are picked up the ball and tried to dunk! And I think I missed like the first three attempts but on the fourth attempt thhis happened: I managed to make my first dunk and I can't tell you how greatthat felt after only 4 weeks I was able to dunk.

I couldn't believe it! For the first five weeks everything wentalong nicely and I was increasing my vertical jump each week and I was alreadygetting a little bit greedy and thinking about 360s and windmills and allkinds of crazy dunks but of course during week 6 the intense workouts caught upwith my body and for the first time in Vert Shock I actually decreased my vertical.

I mean my legswere just feeling super heavy I was really tired and I was a bit concernedthat I might injure myself if I continued working out in this condition.

And yeahthat's why I decided to take two days off after week six and really rest upand get some rest for my body.

In week 7 I was still tired but I was back todunking easily and I just wanted to make it through these last two weeksand the thought was there would be enough time to rest after Vert Shock.

So after eight weeks of hard trainingI made it though Vert Shock.

But then fall decided tosurprise me with really bad weather and I was not able to test my verticalon the basket were I used to test it.

Alright so this video was taken one dayafter I finished Vert Shock in the gym where my team usually practices and thisis a regular ten-foot rim on which we have played official games before so thisreally is a test if I could make a dunk in game.

But that's not all! After resting for one week I made this video testing my new vertical jump, and as you can see I'm almost able to touch the rim with my elbow which is really crazy! Considering my standing reach this means a 37 inch running vertical and that means I narrowly missed out on my very ambitious goal of a 40 inch vertical.

But still I mean I couldn't be happierwith my results! My new vertical jump really allows for some cool dunks like this one offthe backboard and maybe a little more practice I can add even more dunks intomy repertoire.

Allright now that you have seen how Vert Shock worked out for me you may have noticed that I am a big fan of the program.

But there are two small points that I didn't like about Vert Shock as much.

I personally would have liked if there was some more explanation on why Vert Shock was designed the way it is.

I ama bit of a bookworm and I just like to know the theoretical foundational of the workout i do.

Now I know that won't be relevant for most people but for me personally alittle bit more background information would have been nice.

I also feel that thetraining might be very close to overtraining for a lot of people.

So Ipersonally took two days off after week 6 because I grew more tired each day andI heard a lot of comments along the same lines in my youtube videos or over on myblog.

And I know this problem easily solved by just taking a few days off, butstill I think that could have been stressed more prominently in one of Adams videos!Onto the stuff I especially liked about Vert Shock.

So first and most obvious it worked! I managedto increase my vertical by eight inches in only eight weeks and reachedmy goal of being able to dunk before I turn 30.

What's not to like about that?What I also liked about the program is that you don't need a gym membership.

So I did all my workouts after work in a nearby park and it was actually great fun and a good diversion from sitting at a desk in the office all day.

If I had togo to a smelly gym five days a week after work I don't know if I would stickto the program.

And on a related note I really liked how easy Vert Shock is tofollow.

The exercises are all done with body weight and they're easily explained in these shortvideos and there is not much you can do wrong there.

Alright to sum up I woulddefinitely recommend Vert Shock to every basketball player who is determined to increasing his vertical jump.

Now it won't be easy and you will haveto do a lot of work but Vert Shock definitely improves your vertical jump.

Especially to players with no access to agym or who are not familiar with difficult weight lifting exercises like squats anddead lifts this is the perfect program for you.

If you think about doing Vert Shock listen up because this might be interesting to you: So in the last twomonths I have read everything I could find about jumping and I gained a lot ofknowledge from my own training and I noticed that there were two questions Iwas asked all the time and those two questions were: How much wood wouldVert Shock increase my vertical jump and a second very related question was: Will I be able todunk after Vert Shock? So I have written a small guide trying to answer these twoquestions by taking into account your current state of fitness your height andalso you're standing reach so if you're interested in that just click on thebutton below or click on the link in the description and also if you know enoughalready and you want to start increasing your vertical jump now there's also a link to the program in the description! Alright if you have any questionsdon't hesitate and drop them here in to YouTube comments or head over onto myblog on www.


Com and ask them there I will make sure to answer do assoon as possible.

Until later bye!.