Vert Shock Review

hi my name is Brian this is my vertshock review I decided to go with the Vert shock program since the guys whocreated it have a big reputation to their name starting with JustinDarlington who's known more as Justin just fly at the moment just fly is oneof the hottest names in the world of dunking winning every dunk competitionout there including the Nike Dunk Contest with LeBron James and AnthonyDavis the other guy who's responsible for creating that shocked Pro is Adamfoca focus was a Division one player and now he's playing basketballprofessionally overseas it's on his name that the focus system is called afterwith before doing the chalk I tried many programs and workouts such as air alertstrength shoes Beachbody workouts biometrics exercises and what not theyall worked more or less but I could never get more than 5 , 6 inches from themplus as soon as I changed my workouts or stopped training the results usuallydisappeared anyway after trying all these things and failing miserably Idecided to give shock a try and I'm so happy I did the vertical shock programdelivered what it promised and I gained nine inches over the course of eightweeks as for the virtual workouts themselves they're structured in a verysophisticated way and the program has some amazing advanced techniques to helpmaximize your vertical shock is very much energy program andit's not a scam the people who created it off to veryreputable individuals and their name is attached to it on top of that they haveall the proof in the world ever since the program has been released it hasprovided results consistently too many athletes and there are lots oftestimonials about the program that speak good if it were shocked basicallyworks by shocking the nervous system through vertical shock exercises andmaking your muscles more explosive it does so by three phases which are thepre shock phase shock phase and posts phase there are lots of advanced stuffthat the focus system does and I'm really glad I finally found that shockedthe program is definitely worth it and I increased more than 15 inches on myvertical with it don't miss the chance and get your version right now justclick on the link below in the description.